Select Your Free 2024 CA CDL Practice Test to Get Started

Select Your <strong>Free 2024 CA CDL Practice Test</strong> to Get Started
With an economy larger than any other state and an agriculture industry with the highest output in the nation, California is always looking towards licensed commercial drivers to ensure goods get to market.  However before you can become a driver and join the ranks of this financially rewarding industry, you will need to get your California commercial driver’s license (CDL).  That means not only paying the $33 licensing and $15 endorsement fees but also passing a series of knowledge and skills tests.  Start preparing for the written knowledge test with our CDL practice tests.  Our practice tests are based off the official California CDL manual—the same source as the real exam. Designed to prepare you for all sections of the CDL exams including all endorsements. Use our study material to prepare for the general knowledge, air brakes, combination vehicles, doubles/triples, hazardous materials, tanker vehicles, school bus, and passenger vehicles tests.  Get started now!

General Knowledge (307 questions)

  • Questions 1-50
    General Knowledge Test 1
    Start your journey here. Covers the essentials of safely operating a commercial vehicle in California. Unlimited attempts. Detailed explanations.
  • Questions 51-100
    General Knowledge Test 2
    Expect questions on vehicle checks, proper braking technique, fire prevention, visibility, space around your vehicle, stopping distance, and matching speed.
  • Questions 101-150
    General Knowledge Test 3
    Explore essential concepts including vehicle inspection, alcohol and driving, transporting cargo safely, inspecting cargo, air brakes, and important definitions.
  • Questions 151-200
    General Knowledge Test 4

    Covers important topics including skid control and recovery, backing safely, manual transmissions, seeing ahead, night driving, and stopping distance.

  • Questions 201-250
    General Knowledge Test 5

    Test your knowledge on key concepts including railroad tracks, legal weight limits, fire fighting, accident procedures, grades, and inspection methods.

  • Questions 251-300
    General Knowledge Test 6

    This practice test features questions on retarders, backing safely, looking for traffic, downgrades, tire failure, safe speeds, and CDL disqualifications.

  • 50 random questions
    General Knowledge Test Simulator
    Designed to replicate the actual CDL test experience. 50 multiple choice questions chosen at random from our database. Each new attempt generates a new set of questions.
  • All 307 questions
    General Knowledge Endurance

    Conquer the CDL test with this in-depth practice test, showcasing all the questions from our general knowledge test bank. A huge step towards mastery.

HazMat (150 questions)

  • Questions 1-30
    CA CDL HazMat Test 1
    The path towards a HazMat Endorsement starts here. Questions cover loading requirements, regulated products, document storage, tire inspection, and item descriptions.
  • Questions 31-60
    HazMat Test 2

    Covers essential questions on placarding, regulated products, railroad tracks, route restrictions, fire management, and driver, carrier, shipper responsibility.

  • Questions 61-90
    HazMat Test 3

    Test your knowledge with questions on hazard classes, hazardous materials table, cargo inspection, loading procedures, package handling, placards, and shipping papers.

  • Questions 91-121
    HazMat Test 4

    This practice test features questions on emergency response, hazard classes, fire safety, load securement, package handling, placards. and radioactive materials.

  • Questions 122-151
    HazMat Test 5

    Covers important topics including cargo tank systems, DOT regulations, material segregation, pre-trip inspections, leak or spill response, MSDS, and placards.

  • 30 random questions
    HazMat Test Simulator

    Designed to simulate the real HazMat test. Features 30 random questions pulled from our HazMat test bank. No explanations. Get a feel for the real thing here.

  • All 150 questions
    HazMat Endurance Test

    Ready to take your test prep to the next level? This practice test includes all of our HazMat test questions to ensure you get the practice you need before test day.

Passenger Vehicles (40 questions)

  • Questions 1-20
    CA Passenger Vehicles Test 1
    Test your knowledge of key concepts including proper procedures at railroad crossings, effective use of mirrors, matching speed with traffic, and stopping distances.
  • Questions 21-40
    Passenger Vehicles Test 2

    Assess your knowledge of cab check/engine start procedures, operating manual transmissions, maintaining visibility around your vehicle, handling hazardous materials, and more.

  • 20 random questions
    Passenger Simulator

    Get a feel for the real passenger vehicles with our simulator practice test. Designed to mimic the actual exam, it includes 20 random questions on each attempt.

  • All 40 questions
    Passenger Endurance Test

    This mammoth practice test contains all the test questions from our passenger vehicles test bank. Ideal for those looking for one final study session before test day.

School Bus (52 questions)

  • Questions 1-20
    CA CDL School Bus Test 1
    Master the key aspects of operating a school bus. This practice test covers crucial topics like approaching stops, matching speed, and transporting passengers safely.
  • Questions 21-40
    School Bus Test 2

    Enhance your knowledge with this practice test. Covers recommended procedures, mirror usage, special certificates, seatbelt usage, loading procedures and vehicle inspections.

  • Questions 41-60
    School Bus Test 3

    Covering key concepts like approaching stops, loading/unloading, emergencies, evacuation procedures, railroad crossings, and braking, you’ll be ready to excel.

  • Questions 61-80
    School Bus Test 4

    Covering essential topics like pre-trip inspections, managing students, mirror usage, high winds, and handling emergency situations, it’s the perfect tool for success.

  • 20 random questions
    School Bus Simulator

    Get a feel for the real school bus exam with our simulator practice test. Designed to mimic the actual exam, it includes 20 random questions on each attempt.

  • All 52 questions
    School Bus Endurance Test

    The ultimate school bus practice test features every question we have from our comprehensive school bus test bank. This mammoth test will truly test your knowledge.

Air Brakes (99 questions)

  • Questions 1-25
    CA CDL Air Brakes Test 1
    Begin testing your knowledge of air brakes here. Covers tractor valves, pressure gauges, spring brakes, dual air brakes, brake fading/failure, air storeage tanks and more.
  • Questions 26-50
    Air Brakes Test 2

    Get a grasp of the essentials including spring brakes, parking brake controls. air compressor governors, air tank drains, alcohol evaporators, and safety valves.

  • Questions 51-75
    Air Brakes Test 3

    Test your knowledge even further on key concepts including foundation brakes, supply pressure gauges, dual air brakes, walk around inspections, and final air brake checks.

  • Questions 76-100
    Air Brakes Test 4

    Covers the essentials including air brake checks, emergency stops, stopping distances, brake fading/failure, braking techniques, low air pressure, and parking brakes.

  • 25 random questions
    Air Brakes Simulator

    Simulate the real air brakes test with this powerful practice test. 25 random questions are pulled from our air brakes test bank on every attempt. No explanations.

  • All 99 questions
    Air Brakes Endurance Test

    Test your mastery of air brakes and their operation with the ultimate air brakes practice test. Includes every question from our air brakes test question bank. Don’t skip this test.

Combination Vehicles (100 questions)

  • Questions 1-24
    CA Combination Vehicles Test 1
    Boost your understanding of coupling tractor semi trailers, trailer hand valves, rollover risks, and trailer air lines with this powerful practice test.
  • Questions 25-37
    Combination Vehicles Test 2

    Test your understanding of managing space, steering, railroad crossings, and operating trailer valves, hose couplers, trailer service, parking, and emergency brakes.

  • Questions 38-55
    Combination Vehicles Test 3

    Elevate your knowledge on wide turns, trailer skids, trailer air lines/control, coupling/uncoupling tractor-semitrailers, and combination vehicle inspections.

  • Questions 56-68
    Combination Vehicles Test 4

    Master the crucial aspects of trailer air lines, projecting loads, railroad track crossings, stopping distance, and rollover handling with this practice test.

  • 30 questions
    Combination Simulator Test

    Simulate the real test with 30 random questions from our combination vehicles test bank. Each new attempt generates a new set of questions for you to master.

  • All 100 questions
    Combination Endurance Test

    The ultimate combination vehicles test includes every question from our combination vehicle test bank. Master this in-depth practice test and get your endorsement.

Double/Triple Trailers (40 questions)

  • Questions 1-20
    CA Double/Triple Trailers Test 1
    Covers crucial topics including mastering proper steering techniques, coupling and decoupling trailers, navigating curves, managing space, and handling skids.
  • Questions 21-40
    Doubles/Triples Test 2

    This test is designed to evaluate your knowledge of managing space, foreseeing obstacles, coupling trailers, applying effective braking techniques, and more.

  • All 40 questions
    Doubles/Triples Endurance Test

    Test your knowledge of operating a vehicle with two or three trailers with this CA Doubles/Triples Endurance Test . Questions cover everything from coupling and uncoupling to safe driving practices.

Tanker Vehicles (130 questions)

  • Questions 1-30
    CA CDL Tanker Vehicles Test 1
    The path towards a Tanker Vehicles Endorsement starts here. Covers identifying tanker vehicles, outage, high center of gravity, bulkheads, and baffled/unbaffled tanks.
  • Questions 31-60
    Tanker Vehicles Test 2

    Test your knowledge of loading and unloading tankers, vehicle maintenance, legal responsibilities, tanker components, types of tanks, and reporting requirements.

  • Questions 61-90
    Tanker Vehicles Test 3

    Covers extreme driving conditions, hazardous material incidents, legal responsibilities, vehicle inspection, loading/unloading, and safe handling of materials.

  • Questions 91-120
    Tanker Vehicles Test 4

    This practice test features questions on emergency response, hazard classes, fire safety, load securement, package handling, placards. and radioactive materials.

  • 30 random questions
    Tank Vehicles Simulator

    Simulate the real test with 20 random questions from our tanker vehicles test bank. Each new attempt generates a new set of questions for you to tackle.

  • All 130 questions
    Tanker Endurance Test

    Perfect for those looking to master the tanker vehicles test. Features all of the test questions from our tanker vehicles test bank. Get the practice you need here.

Pre-Trip Inspection (9 questions)

  • Questions 1-9
    CA CDL Pre Trip Inspection Test 1
    Covers overall vehicle safety, documentation checks, vehicle components, the brake system, and operational elements such as lights, signals, and controls.