Thinking about driving a rig that hauls multiple trailers? You will need to pass the DL double/triple endorsement exam at the DMV. Are you ready to answer questions about coupling and uncoupling trailers, inspecting multiple hauls, and how to drive efficiently with large loads? Take the Free Delaware CDL Double/Triple Trailers Practice Test before you take the real exam! Our 20-question test covers all of the same topic areas as the real exam. To guide our content, we used the official Delaware CDL handbook to create our questions and provide you with answer feedback. With a passing score of 80%, you will be well on your way to receiving your endorsement!

Don’t risk losing your registration fee because you get tricked up on the exam. Tests are nerve-racking and the only way to find out where you need improvement is through practice! Take the Free Delaware CDL Double/ Triple Trailers Practice Test and prepare to pass your exam!

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Delaware CDL Double/Triple Trailers Overview:
20 Total number of questions:
16 Number of questions required to pass:
80 Percentage required to pass:
Delaware CDL Handbook 2019

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