Ready to start hauling hazardous materials? You will first need to pass the CDL HazMat endorsement test in Florida. Can you identify different types of hazardous materials, how to safely transport them, and what to do in case of an emergency? With our Free Florida CDL HazMat Practice Test, you will get a chance to test your knowledge before exam day! Our 30-question exam uses the same format as the real exam and covers all of the same topics. Taking our test is like getting a sneak preview of the DMV exam! Scoring an 80% or above on our test indicates that you are ready to pass the real thing. Each question comes with a detailed description of correct responses so that you can maximize your score.

Hauling hazardous materials is dangerous and it requires a driver to be fully prepared to take on the responsibly. Are you fully prepared to take and pass your exam? Try our Free Florida CDL HazMat Practice Test and find out.

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Florida CDL HazMat Overview:
30 Total number of questions:
24 Number of questions required to pass:
80 Percentage required to pass:
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