Operating a vehicle that transports 16 or more passengers requires a CDL endorsement. To pass the DMV endorsement exam, you will need to demonstrate your knowledge of passenger safety, passenger vehicle operation, and emergency protocols. Want to know if you will pass the exam before taking it? With our Free Hawaii CDL Passenger Vehicles Practice Test, you will get a chance to practice your test-taking knowledge before you pay the DMV registration fee. The 30-question multiple choice test features detailed reasoning for correct responses. We used the official Hawaii CDL Handbook to create our content, so you can be confident that what you are learning is relevant and accurate. Pass our test with an 80% or above and you can be sure that you are ready to take the DMV examination.

Find out what areas you need to work on before taking the endorsement exam! Try our Free Hawaii CDL Passenger Vehicles Practice Test today!

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Hawaii CDL Passenger Vehicles Overview:
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Hawaii CDL Handbook 2019

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