Need to test your readiness to pass the Idaho CDL test? Gain the knowledge you need to pass by taking this comprehensive ID CDL General Knowledge Practice Test. This practice test has been carefully crafted to test your knowledge in 20 key areas ranging from basic vehicle operation to recognizing the signs of fatigue to driving in severe winter weather and much more. What type of vehicles can get stuck on a railroad-highway crossing? Is stopping always the safest thing to do in an emergency? You’ll find answers to questions like these on this practice test.

In all, this test contains 50 questions that will thoroughly test your driving knowledge and help you prepare for the real exam. The questions are based on the topics found in the Idaho CDL manual, which is also the same resource used by exam authors to create questions for the real CDL test. Every question includes a detailed explanation to help you quickly master the material. You will need to score 80% or higher to pass this practice test. You can take the test an unlimited number of times.

Don’t waste your time taking the CDL test before you are ready. Take this practice test now to build your knowledge and increase your chances of passing when you visit the Idaho Transportation Department.

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Idaho CDL General Knowledge Overview:
50 Total number of questions:
40 Number of questions required to pass:
80 Percentage required to pass:
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