Are you looking pass your CDL test and begin your career as a licensed commercial driver? Start your preparing now by becoming familiar with the official Missouri CDL Manual. The manual is published by the Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to specifically to prepare you for getting your CDL, regardless of what CDL class you’re looking to get.

Will the Manual Prepare You for the MO CDL Test

The CDL is the best tool you can get, but you need practical experience to really understand what to expect on the test. Make sure to get our free Missouri CDL practice tests to make sure you are completely prepared when you go to take your test.

Information Covered in the Manual

The Missouri CDL Manual will cover state laws and safe driving tips to help keep you safe. In addition, the manual will also go over things such as requirements for obtaining a CDL, how to get a permit, the different classes of CDLs available, as well as go over any additional fees or restrictions you may have to pay.

The manual was created specifically for people looking to get their CDL and is one of the best ways of getting you the information you need to become a licensed and safe commercial driver. The manual is split up into 13 sections that each cover a different portion of what you need to know. The beginning of the manual also has information about which sections you will need based on the class of CDL you’re looking to obtain. It goes over everything you need to know about CDLs.

  • Introduction
  • Driving Safely
  • Transporting Cargo Safely
  • Transporting Passengers Safely
  • Air Brakes
  • Combination Vehicles
  • Doubles and Triples
  • Tank Vehicles
  • Hazardous Materials
  • School Buses
  • Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Test
  • Basic Vehicle Control Skills Test
  • On Road Driving