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How ready are you for the HazMat endorsement test? Find out by taking our free New Mexico CDL HazMat Practice Test today. We’ve studied the New Mexico CDL Handbook and written 30 questions that cover the information you need to know to pass the real HazMat test, which is required to earn a HazMat endorsement which will allow you to start transporting hazardous materials. The real test is also drawn from the New Mexico CDL Handbook so don’t be surprised if you see similar questions to ours on that test.

What three things determine if you need placards? Name a hazard class that uses transport indexes to determine the amount that can be loaded in a single vehicle? These are the types of questions that are on our practice test. There are questions on placarding, loading and unloading hazardous materials, safe driving and more on the test. Our experts created this test to thoroughly examine your HazMat knowledge and to prepare you as much as possible for the real test. That’s why this practice test is formatted like the real test and is drawn from the same CDL handbook. We’ve also added some features to help you study – like answer explanations and a progress tracker. To test your current HazMat knowledge, take our practice test now. If you do not pass, do not worry. You can take this test an unlimited number of times. Get started now.

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New Mexico CDL HazMat Overview:
30Total number of questions
24Number of questions required to pass
80Percentage required to pass
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