Are you ready to pass the combination vehicles endorsement test? Practice makes perfect! That’s why taking our just like the real thing, free New York CDL Combination Vehicles Practice Test is such a great idea. This challenging test is the perfect way to get familiar with the format and content of the real test before visiting the DMV. You need to earn your combination vehicles endorsement to qualify to drive tractor trailers, straight trucks with trailers, double and triple-wides and more. Being able to drive these types of trucks can increase your career opportunities and raise your income. But it all starts with passing the endorsement test, which our practice test will help prepare you to do.

What should you make sure of before backing under a trailer? What gear should the tractor engine be in after you uncouple the trailer and are inspecting the trailer supports? You’ll find questions like these on the practice test. Each question is multiple choice with four possible answers. Each correct answer also comes with a full explanation so you will better understand why it is correct and the other possible answers are not. The practice test is drawn from the New York CDL Handbook, just like the real test. There are 20 questions in all and you need to answer at least 80% correctly to pass. You can take the test an unlimited number of times. Ready to get started? Take the test now to see if you are ready to visit the DMV and earn your combination vehicles endorsement.

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New York CDL Combination Vehicles Overview:
20 Total number of questions:
16 Number of questions required to pass:
80 Percentage required to pass:
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