Looking to begin your journey toward earning your CDL passenger vehicles endorsement? One of the best things you can do is to take our Free New York CDL Passenger Vehicles Practice Test. We’ve written 20 thought-provoking questions based on the New York CDL Handbook to get you prepared for the real test. You need to pass that test to earn your passenger vehicles endorsement which will allow you to drive vehicles with 16 or more passengers. When you walk into the DMV you want to be prepared and our practice test helps to eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty surrounding the real exam. That’s because our practice test is drawn from the same resource – the New York CDL Handbook.

What must be closed when a bus is in motion? What should you do if a rider attempts to bring a battery or a can of gasoline or kerosene aboard your bus? These are the types of questions you will find on this practice test. Each question comes with a full answer explanation so that you can learn not just the correct answer but the reason an answer is correct. Our practice test also comes with instant results and can be taken an unlimited number of times. In addition, it has a randomized question feature that reorders the questions each time you take it. Ready to try a truly unique way of learning and reviewing the content on the real test? Take our practice test now.

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New York CDL Passenger Vehicles Overview:
20 Total number of questions:
16 Number of questions required to pass:
80 Percentage required to pass:
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