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Do you really want to earn your HazMat endorsement? If you are serious about receiving that endorsement then you need to take our free North Carolina CDL HazMat Practice Test today. There is no faster or easier way to determine if you are ready to earn your HazMat endorsement, which will allow you to begin transporting hazardous liquids and gases. This is a prestigious classification that can expand your career opportunities and grow your income. To help you get ready for the real endorsement test, our practice test features 30 multiple choice questions, just like the real test, and is also drawn from the same resource as the real test – the North Carolina CDL Handbook.

You’ll find questions like these on the practice test: you should not smoke within how many feet of a placarded cargo tank used for Class 3 (flammable liquids) or Division 2.1 (gases)? At what time is it required for a driver to have an approved gas mask on hand? You need to answer at least 24 of the questions correctly to pass – but if you don’t, you can retake the test. We offer unlimited retakes with randomized questions so you get a new test each time. Each question on this practice test also comes with a full answer explanation. Ready to test yourself and see if you have retained the necessary HazMat information from the North Carolina CDL Handbook? Take our test now to find out.

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North Carolina CDL HazMat Overview:
30Total number of questions
24Number of questions required to pass
80Percentage required to pass
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