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How well do you understand pre-trip inspections? Well enough to earn your endorsement? Take free Oregon CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Practice Test now to find out. This test has been written by experts to provide a highly accurate preview of the actual state endorsement exam. On this practice test, you will find questions drawn from the Oregon CDL Handbook presented in the same type of format as the real endorsement exam, which is multiple choice. You get the same content and the same format; so that you are ready to earn your endorsement when visit the DMV. The pre-trip inspection endorsement is important because if signifies you understand the importance of pre-trip inspections, which are vital to roadway safety.

What should you check during the in-cab section of a pre-trip inspection? Should you have the engine off or on when checking hoses for leaks and cracks? These are examples of the types of questions that can be found on this practice test. Each question also includes an explanation of the correct answer. There are 30 multiple choice questions in all and you need to answer at least 24 of them – that’s 80% – correctly to pass. You can take this test as many times as you like to learn the content. It’s time to preview topics from the CDL Handbook that may show up on the written endorsement exam. Take this practice exam now to test yourself and measure your level of readiness.

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Oregon CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Overview:
20Total number of questions
16Number of questions required to pass
80Percentage required to pass
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