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Are you familiar enough with air brakes to pass the endorsement test? One great way to assess your knowledge – and improve it – is to take our free Pennsylvania CDL Air Brakes Practice Test. Featuring 25 multiple choice questions, this test is drawn from the Pennsylvania CDL Handbook, just like the real test, and includes questions on topics like air brake systems, using air brakes and air brake safety tips. Passing this practice test will indicate that you are ready to take the real endorsement test and have the air brakes restriction removed from your CDL. With an air brakes endorsement, you will be able to drive trucks with air brakes, which can increase your employment and salary opportunities.

Questions on the practice test are similar to these: what should you do to execute a normal stop with air brakes? Repeatedly pressing and releasing (fanning) the air brake pedal may result in what? You need to answer at least 80% of the questions correctly to pass. Each question on our practice test comes with an answer explanation which we recommend that you read to expand your understanding of this important subject. You can also take our air brakes practice test an unlimited number of times to ensure the content really sinks in. Air brakes, which use compressed air to make a vehicle’s braking system work, have been shown to be highly effective at stopping large trucks – so it’s important that you understand how to use them safely. Our practice test will help ensure you have the knowledge to get your endorsement and start driving trucks with air brakes. Take the test now to see where you stand.

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Pennsylvania CDL Air Brakes Overview:
25Total number of questions
20Number of questions required to pass
80Percentage required to pass
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