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Prepared for your CDL double/triple trailers endorsement exam? Find out by taking our Free Tennessee CDL Double/Triple Trailers Practice Test today. On this test you will be given 20 questions covering such topics as driving doubles and triples, preventing rollovers and jackknives, coupling and uncoupling, emergency management and more. How many identical placards is a vehicle transporting hazardous materials required to display? What determines the amount of brake pressure you need to stop a vehicle? You’ll find questions like these on the practice test.

All questions are drawn from the Tennessee CDL Handbook and come with answer explanations to help you learn the content. You will need to answer at least 16 of the practice test questions correctly to earn a passing score. You can take the test an unlimited number of times. Earning your doubles and triples endorsement will allow you to start driving larger trucks which in turn could lead to a higher salary and more driving opportunities. So don’t take the real endorsement test lightly and under-prepare. Take our practice test and ensure that you are fully prepared to pass. This practice test is similar to the real test in content and format so that you can walk into the DMV on test day with full confidence that you are going to pass. Nothing will surprise you about the real test. You will be fully prepared. Ready to start your preparation? Take our practice test now.

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Tennessee CDL Double/Triple Trailers Overview:
20Total number of questions
16Number of questions required to pass
80Percentage required to pass
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