Looking to get your CDL passenger vehicles endorsement? One excellent way to ensure that you are fully prepared to pass that endorsement test is to take our West Virginia CDL Passenger Vehicles Practice Test. The passenger vehicles endorsement is required by anyone who is going to be driving a bus or other vehicle that carries a certain number of passengers (often 16). The test covers such topics as vehicle inspections, loading and unloading, driving techniques, passenger management and other miscellaneous requirements of passenger vehicle drivers.

You should not tow or push a disabled bus with riders aboard the vehicle, unless what? Which seats not securely fastened to the bus are usually allowed? These are the types of questions that you will find on the practice test. You need to get at least 16 of the 20 questions right to pass. You can take the test an unlimited number of times to ensure your learn all of the content that it possesses. We’ve formatted this test and written questions that are similar to the real test to help you get as prepared as possible to take and pass the real passenger vehicle endorsement exam. While taking our practice test you will also enjoy access to a progress tracker that will let you know how you are doing and you will receive instant results each time you submit an answer to a question. This test is just what you need to get a passing score on the passenger vehicles test and avoid paying additional test fees. Ready to get started? Take the test now.

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West Virginia CDL Passenger Vehicles Overview:
20 Total number of questions:
16 Number of questions required to pass:
80 Percentage required to pass:
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