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Ready to take the pre-trip inspection test? Before taking time for your busy schedule and money from your pocket to take the test at the DMV, take our free Wyoming CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Practice Test to ensure that you are indeed ready. On this expert-written practice test you will find 30 questions covering inspections of both the inside and outside of a truck. If you get 80% or more correct you are ready to take the real test and earn your endorsement, which will show that you know what to look for to ensure a truck’s safe operation.

This practice test’s questions are multiple choice and come with answer explanations. We recommend that you read each explanation to further increase your understanding of important areas covered on the test. To give you an idea of what to expect on this test, here are a couple of sample questions that are similar to the ones you will find on the practice test: What should be clean with no illegal stickers, obstructions or damage to the glass? Failure to perform all three components of the air brake check correctly will result in what?

The test is formatted and written similarly to the real test to get you as prepared as possible to pass and to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible when taking the test. In fact, our practice test is drawn from the same resource as the real test – the Wyoming CDL Handbook. One difference between our practice test and the real test is that you can take our test multiple times for free – as many times as you need to build the knowledge to pass. Start building that knowledge. Take our test.

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Wyoming CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Overview:
20Total number of questions
16Number of questions required to pass
80Percentage required to pass
Wyoming CDL Manual 2024

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