Ready to begin your quest to earn your double/triple trailers endorsement? The first step is to pass our Free Oregon CDL Double/Triple Trailers Practice Test. This test will give you a preview of what to expect when you visit the DMV so that you can earn your endorsement quickly instead of having to visit the DMV several times and pay several test fees. Earning your endorsement will allow you to drive doubles and triples, which could raise your annual salary.

In creating this test, our experts studied the Oregon CDL Handbook and wrote 20 questions that they think will be on your endorsement exam. These questions cover such subjects as backing doubles and triples, turning these large trucks, how to prevent and correct skids and jackknives and much more. Here are two examples: What should the driver always do first when entering a curve? How can a driver prevent drowsiness when driving? The questions are presented in multiple choice format. You need to get at least 16 questions right to pass but you can take this test multiple times to ensure you learn all of the content. To further aid you in learning the content, we have included explanations for each correct answer so that you understand the logic behind that answer. The test also has a progress tracker and displays instant results. Get started now on this practice test to assess your doubles and triples driving knowledge level.

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Oregon CDL Double/Triple Trailers Overview:
20 Total number of questions:
16 Number of questions required to pass:
80 Percentage required to pass:
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