This test is based on the official 2024 CDL Manual PA CDL General Knowledge Exam Simulator 2024

Preparing for the Pennsylvania CDL exam does not have to be difficult thanks to our PA CDL General Knowledge Practice Test Simulator. This exam, which is the second test in our General Knowledge series, boasts 50 multiple choice questions to test your safe driving knowledge. All the questions are based on the information found in the official PA CDL manual, which is the same resource used for the questions found on the actual CDL exam.

Test questions cover such essential topics as hazardous materials rules, driving in fog, space management, speeding and more. Here are two examples of the types of questions you may see on this test: Describe the proper braking technique when going down a long, steep downgrade. You should let air out of hot tires so the pressure goes back to normal – true or false? You will need to answer at least 80% of the questions correctly to pass. If you do not pass right away, do not worry, you can take this test an unlimited number of times.

To help you study we have included a Missed Questions Bank, among other features. When you miss a question, it is automatically added to the bank so that you can go back and study those questions more in-depth.

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Pennsylvania CDL General Knowledge Overview:
50Total number of questions
40Number of questions required to pass
80Percentage required to pass
Pennsylvania CDL Manual 2024

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